Say goodnight Yassin!
What a great day today is!!! Mark it on your calendar and celebrate it. The Haman of the Century has been killed. All we need now is his spiritual twin, Yassir, to meet the same fate.

I’m picturing the Israeli missiles coming in at Yassin with their little cameras honing in on Ahmed Yassin and the pilot saying, “here’s your Allah is great”, just as Yassin and his bodyguards are blown into smithereens. An eyewitness said that their bodies were “shattered”. Ah what a picture!

All the liberals are spinning the story of course. Painting a picture of a poor quadriplegic who was defenseless. The truth is, Yassin’s hands were soaked in the blood of innocent Jewish women and children. His being paralyzed only strengthened his position as a terrorist monster. He is now with his lord, the “lord of the flies”. He is realizing that the Christians were right and that he is now forever in eternal flames. His torment is greater then we can ever imagine and he deserves every second of it. Many little children were killed and maimed because of his viciousness. Women were killed leaving children and husbands behind. This is what we are to focus on. We should focus on the victims… not the rights of the terrorists (may they perish forever) like the liberals do.

We need to uphold the innocent and destroy the monsters who try to hurt and kill them. The “death penalty” is of G-d and He was the first to use it as punishment. Yassin is dead and I’m glad. How many lives were saved by this decision by Sharon? This makes Ariel Sharon number 1 in my book for modern Israeli leaders. That takes courage. That takes a man who knows right from wrong, we need to pray that he gets Saved.

What’s going to happen now? The liberals say that Israel has “opened the floodgates of retribution”. Funny that’s exactly what the terrorists say too. Ever notice that the terrorists say the exact same thing as the liberals? That’s because they both serve the Devil.

Yes, there will be some escalated violence coming from the Palestinians now. But it’ll only be temporary. The head of the snake has been cut off and it will wring violently but then die and rot. As far as the Hamas terrorist organization goes… a couple different things may happen. They may turn against Arafat because they’ll feel that he isn’t doing enough to retaliate or they may decide to join him in an all out attack against Israel. Arafat may take advantage of their confusion and weakness as it scrambles to reorganize and use it to move into areas (the Gaza etc) where he isn’t currently as powerful.

It’s amazing how Sharon has taken such measures. My guess is he did this partly in response to the White houses comments concerning his “Disengagement Plan”. They had sent a rather snotty note in my opinion poopooing Sharon’s plans to move out of the West Bank and Gaza. My guess would be that Sharon threw up his hands and said/thought something to the effect of “we can’t do anything right in their eyes”. Then he just followed his heart and felt it was about time to do what needed to be done. That’s just my guess but I doubt it’s too far off.
Farewell Yassin… and good riddance you child murderer!

Rabbi Stanley Chester